Yes, macOS Picture-in-Picture Works With YouTube

Update 17/01/2017: Joe Kuhns has written a Safari Extension which adds a PiP button to YouTube videos, as well as Plex, Netflix, and a handful of others. It doesn’t add any additional functionality over what I outline below, but it makes it faster to enter PiP.

There seems to be some confusion about whether Picture-in-Picture, introduced in Safari 10.0 and macOS Sierra, is supported by YouTube videos. I’ve seen a lot of people saying it’s not possible because YouTube uses a custom video player, not the standard one.

Yes, it’s true that the standard video player shows a PiP button in the playback control bar, and that button does not appear in the YouTube player.

But PiP does work on YouTube:

Screenshot of activating PiP on a YouTube video

Just right click on the video twice.

Exceptions When Validating Forms In Web2py

I don’t normally write about technical development topics, but today I’m making an exception, because finding the source of my problem was incredibly difficult. I’m hoping that this post will serve me in the future when I inevitably come across this problem again.

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Trying on Apple Watch

This past Sunday, I took a trip to the nearest Apple Store for an Apple Watch try-on appointment. Obviously, spending about a minute and a half with each model isn’t enough to write any meaningful reviews, but I do have a few thoughts about the models I tried on.

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Stone and Pounds in PCalc

Since updating to iOS 8, I’ve been using the Health app for tracking things such as steps walked and weight.

The problem is, since my iPhone is set to UK English, the Health app takes that to mean that I want to use metric measurements. This means that it tracks weight in kilograms, when really I want to use stone and pounds.

I looked for a setting to change Health to imperial units, but the app doesn’t actually have a single setting to its name.

I decided the way to get around this was to set up a function in PCalc to convert from stone and pounds to kilograms. This isn’t exactly friendly since it adds another step, but without a set of very expensive scales, weight tracking in Health is a manual process anyway.

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Alternative Reeder for Mac Icons

I like Reeder for Mac a lot (the public beta of version 2 is available now) but the icon seems outdated in the dock to me. I made a new icon based on the iOS version of Reeder.

Like the old icon, it has two states, one for when there are no new items:

Screenshot of new icon

and one for when you have unread articles:

Screenshot of new icon

The icons are available to use; download them here.

All you have to do to use the icons is go to Reeder in the Finder, right-click and choose Show Package Contents. Then, navigate to Contents → Resources and replace the existing icons, reeder.icns and reeder-empty.icns, with the new ones.

The only problem is the icons will revert to the old ones whenever you install a new version of the app.